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Winter Activities for Families in Seattle

A man, woman, child, and a dog are enjoying snow and winter activities for families in Seattle.

A man, woman, child, and a dog are enjoying snow and winter activities for families in Seattle.

Whether you’re just visiting or scouting before your relocation, winter in Seattle offers plenty to families with kids. And how could it not? The city is big enough to provide a vast range of entertainment options without feeling overcrowded. Whether you prefer to spend quality time with your loved ones indoors or outdoors, memorable winter activities for families in Seattle are everywhere you look.

What makes Seattle so popular among families?

For several years at least, investors have been wild about Seattle. Their hype is followed or even induced by a multitude of transplants from other parts of the nation moving here for various causes. You will find business people excited about excellent job opportunities, couples searching for a place with a good work-life balance, and even families anxious to become Seattleites and raise kids in this highly inspiring city. Every part of it brims with community events and things to see and explore. So, it doesn’t surprise that some of the best areas in Seattle for couples are also the best ones to raise a family.

With that in mind, Seattle is as family-oriented as a city can get. The schools are top-rated, the art and culture scene is vibrant, dining options are various and delicious, and with diversity blossoming in every part of the city, a transplant family will fit in quickly.

And if you’re by chance moving here from Florida for work, with children in tow, don’t worry. True, you will exchange the sunny beaches for an overcast winter sky, but Seattle will make up for it. If you arrange it with interstate moving experts on time, an uncomplicated and stress-free transfer from Florida will set up a pace for exciting and fulfilling family life in the Emerald City.

Start your day with loved ones at the beach

Although visiting a beach sounds like a summer activity for Seattle families, spending time at the beach not far from the city during winter has a certain charm. Have you been to a beach in Seattle yet? If not, you may be surprised that the northernmost major city in the nation has numerous high-rated beaches.

West Point Lighthouse in Discovery Park, Seattle

West Point Lighthouse in Discovery Park, Seattle.

The winter season in Seattle is not meant for swimming, and frequent showers and cloudy skies make sunbathing a challenge, but don’t let that disappoint you. The scenery and the presence of the ocean are enough to make your day with kids relaxing and fun.

And if you ever tire of one place, there are many others to explore. Alki Beach, Discovery Park, Golden Gardens Park, Green Lake Park, and Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park are among the most frequented beach areas. Taking a walk or cycling with your loved ones in the morning may be the start of a wonderful day together.

Art, science, and literature in Seattle for families

Whatever aspect of life in the big city has attracted you to Seattle, it is available to children, too. If you’re into sports, art, literature, science, dining, or music, you can share your passion with your kids. This is perhaps one of the reasons millennials flock to Seattle with their little ones. Your children will enjoy all the cultural winter activities for families in Seattle as they are thoughtfully curated.

Elliott Bay Book Company

If you’re a book lover, a visit to the Elliott Bay Book Company in the late morning will keep you and your toddler amused. Although, they might appreciate storytime at the castle in the children’s section much more than you would. Still, plenty of titles to browse for you, too! And if your kid shares your fascination with drama, don’t fail to visit Seattle Children’s Theatre. Perhaps the magical world they discover there motivates them to join their school’s drama club.

A kid engaged in an arts and crafts workshop.

A kid engaged in an arts and crafts workshop.

Pacific Science Center

Science lovers of all ages are welcome at the Pacific Science Center and its stunning events and programs. If you plan a romantic dinner with your significant other, a Parents’ Night Out may be the perfect event for you. Drop off your kids at the PSC in the afternoon and pick them up later in the evening. In the meantime, they’ll enjoy hands-on science activities, a laser show performance, a planetarium exhibit, and science-themed snacks. And if you prefer to learn, explore, and experiment together with your kid, Family Science Night is the perfect choice.

Seattle Children’s Museum

Although it’s temporarily closed for pandemic reasons, Seattle Children’s Museum is worthy of mention, in the hope the situation improves quickly. Both kids and their grown-ups are welcome to ignite the sparks of their creativity and curiosity and learn together through play and fun. What better way to spend a cold winter day in Seattle?

Enjoy the day trips or weekend getaways in the area

Perhaps there is a way to enjoy winter even in the northwest USA, or especially in the northwest. The Seattle area is famous for its abundance of parks and trails ideal for outdoor recreation. If you feel ready for some real winter adventure, Stevens Pass, a mountain pass through the Cascade Mountains, is open for season 21/22 and readily awaits you.

And for a more leisurely stroll in the open, take a Bainbridge ferry and head straight to Grand Forest West, in the heart of Bainbridge Island. The loop trail system is among the most popular in the area for a good many reasons: the trails through the forest and lush canopy are easy, and your family can bring and have fun with your dog, on a leash, though.

A view of Stevens Pass covered in snow.

A view of Stevens Pass covered in snow.

Perhaps you don’t prefer driving even for a short while – no problem – Seattle offers a wide variety of parks within its borders. You’ll appreciate spectacular views of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park. Enjoy nature photography and birding at Discovery Park. You can jog and play with your kids at the Green Lake Park or visit Volunteer Park and its Conservatory, just to warm your chilled toes and learn something new about tropical plants. Your family will have a hard time choosing the favorite and a great time having fun at each of the spots.

Every season is Seattle season

Not finding something to do in a city as vibrant as the Gateway to Alaska is impossible. Winter activities for families in Seattle are, thus, no less numerous than those during the summer season. Once voted as America’s most livable city, it still lives up to its reputation. You only need to come once with your loved ones and see for yourselves.

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