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Why Real Estate Investors Are Obsessed With Seattle

In recent years, The Seattle real estate market has been a buying & selling frenzy that has intimidated some consumers and investors. However, because of changes in Chinese monetary policy the market had slowed temporarily. Combined with a strong economy and positive predictions for 2019, the market has again picked up and consumer activity is on the rise again. As a result, the world’s informed real estate investors have reset their sights on Seattle’s strong economy and real estate market opportunities.

An Overwhelming Tech Presence

If you live here, then you already know that Seattle has built itself into a Mecca of the tech industry. Thanks to Giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Expedia and many others setting up their headquarters and offices here there has been an explosion of high-paying positions fueling the job market. A strong local economy is important to real estate investors, as it directly impacts the local job market and fuels demand for housing.

Property Prices Are Still Rising

Although property values may not be rising at the same frenzied pace of recent years, they are continuing to rise. Experts are predicting that based on even the most recent trends at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, we can expect a continued healthy real estate market and property values in Seattle. Out strong future economic forecast also supports the expectation that our real estate market will continue to provide positive growth potential long-term.

Growth In Inventory

If there is anything that has been a source of frustration for Seattle real estate investors, brokers, buyers and sellers, it has been the extreme shortage of inventory in recent years. However, if you are hoping to become a Seattle real estate investor or buyer in 2019, you are in luck! Recent reports also indicate that more inventory will be opening up presenting buyers and investors with more opportunities than they have had in a decade.

Thinking Of Investing In Seattle Real Estate In 2019?

What a great opportunity!

This is a very exciting time to get into the Seattle real estate investing scene and it would be my pleasure to advise you of the best possible opportunities to help you attain financial success.