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What Draws So Many Chinese Millionaires To Seattle Real Estate?

Seattle is known for many things like its climate, coffee, and vibrant arts scene. However, many people do not realize that one of the most interesting things about the emerald city is that it is home to a very high population of wealthy Chinese families. In fact, Seattle has recently been named the second most popular city for Chinese millionaires in the world. In today’s post, we are going to explore a few of the reasons why some of the most affluent members of the Chinese culture are so magnetically drawn to our divine city.

The Stellar School Systems

If there is anything that affluent Chinese people value, it is their children’s education. If you don’t already live here, you may be unaware that Seattle happens to be home to some of the country’s best K-12 public and private schools. Furthermore, there is also a long list of Chinese schools here which allow Chinese children to remain immersed in education about their culture and language.

Seattle Is Rich With Chinese Culture

Because there is a long history of a large Chinese population in Seattle, the city has grown to really embrace the Chinese culture. Obviously, the densest evidence of this is in the many wonderful businesses of Chinatown. However, various corners of the city possess their own symbols of the rich Chinese culture here in Seattle. This is a great relief for those families that wish to emmigrate but are eager to pay homage to their heritage.

Easy Access

Not all of those families that immigrate here intend to live here full-time. For those that want the ability to return to China as often as possible, Seattle is an ideal location because it is home to many airlines that offer direct flights at a fraction of the cost and travel time.

A Safe Harbor For Fortunes

The biggest reason that so many Chinese millionaires have set their sights on the Emerald city is to protect their fortune via strategic real estate investments. Many of them are confident that we have only seen the beginning of how high appreciation can cause property values in Seattle to climb and they intend to make the most of that. Those that once turned to cities like San Francisco or Vancouver are now opting to move to Seattle instead because the financial opportunities are made even more attractive by the cheaper cost of living.

Thinking Of Moving To Seattle?

I may be a touch biased, but I think everyone should be eager to move to Seattle.

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