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The Eastside’s Fastest Growing Company Sets Up Home in Bothell

The west side of Washington is known as a home for technology, but one up-and-coming company is getting its start in Eastside.

Conversion Logix offers digital advertising, media strategy, and marketing agency services and specializes in multifamily housing and senior living markets. Many great ideas are born in unlikely places, and the idea for this company is no different.

Jeff Jobe and Dave Pavlu met at Gold Creek Community Church where the two began discussing ideas for hotel advertisements. Pavlu was working on growing his company, AdsUpNow that he founded in 2008, and Jobe was the manager of several top-of-the-line hotels. Through their discussions, the two found that they shared the same ideals and decided to create a business together.

“The opportunity was there at the right time for both of us,” Jobe said. “We had the acumen, experience and desire to no longer work for someone else but literally leverage ourselves.”

In 2010 the two came together, pooled their money and created Conversion Logix. Now the company’s headquarters are just eight minutes away from the church where it all started.

Even though many of their clients are based in Seattle there are no plans to move to Seattle or Bellevue. The company will continue to serve their clients both local and around the country from its home in Bothell.

The choice to stay in Bothell is also beneficial for the employees, especially the ones who commute to work every day.

“It’s 11 minutes each way no matter the time of day,” Pavlu, who commutes from Maltby, said. “That’s why we made the dream in Bothell.”

By staying in Bothell, the company created a mutual relationship with the city that can enjoy the benefits of having a big company. Conversion Logix brings jobs to the city by hiring their new talent from the University of Washington-Bothell which “has been huge” for the company. The city of Bothell provides employees with plenty of affordable housing options and a low cost of living.

According to Bothell’s community department director Michael Kattermann, the city is tracking the trend of companies’ impact on the cities they are in. They are also working to attract more companies to the area by improving walkability, density and livability.

“It’s not just a place to sleep at night, it’s not just a place to go to the office,” he said. “It’s a place to do all of those things for families of all types.”

About Conversion Logix

Over the years, Conversion Logix grew from a company funded by personal funds to becoming No. 1 on the Eastside Fastest-Growing Private Companies List. It has increased its revenue 240 percent, going from $2.2 million to 2015 to $8.13 in 2017. This year they are set to break $20 million and hire six to 10 new employees.

“We’ve been able to maintain between 50 and 100 percent growth for almost 10 years,” Pavlu said. “That we just recently merged the two companies is a real big deal and it positions us for some pretty big things.”

One of the big things planned for Conversion Logix is moving into the world of software, including software-as-service tools. This is becoming a common trend for advertising and marketing agencies, said Spyro Kourtis the CEO and president of Seattle-based digital advertising firm Hacker Agency. By hiring in-house development and data teams and taking on more responsibilities companies can compete in new ways.

 “I think there are more technology companies that are selling solutions. That used to be what agencies did,” Kourtis said. “We’re in some cases competing with the technology companies.”

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[Source: Puget Sound Business Journal]