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The Cost of Living Near Top Seattle Companies

How Much Does it Cost to Live Near Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing in Seattle?

The Puget Sound region is exploding with new businesses, company relocations and the housing market. Capitol Hill has been one of the most popular areas to rent an apartment with an average price of around $1500 per month. However, those that are moving towards the region’s top employers such as Microsoft could be looking at upwards of nearly $1700 a month just for rent. Rent near other major employer such as Boeing could run roughly $1200 a month depending on whether the apartment is near the Renton plant or the Everett plant.

The Puget Sound Business Journal took a snapshot of how the Puget Sound region compares to other cities across the country near major corporations or companies. The average apartment in downtown Seattle is roughly $2000 per month, putting residents near some of the region’s top employers such as Amazon, Starbucks and Nordstrom. It’s extremely similar to downtown Bellevue for those close to Microsoft and Nintendo. However, one of the state’s largest employers is the University of Washington and apartments near the UW are about $1440 a month on average.

 Here’s a brief snapshot of some of the areas top employers and their location with figures on the number of employees in the average rent.

  •  Amazon  employs 24,700 people in Washington state –  South Lake Union the average rent is $2035
  •  Microsoft employs 43,031 people in Washington state –  Redmond’s average rent is about $1661
  •  Nordstrom employs 8982 people in Washington state –  downtown Seattle’s average rent is $2035
  •  University of Washington employs 30,200 people in Washington state –  University District’s  average rent is $1441
  •  Swedish Health Services employs 10,726 people in Washington state –  Seattle’s First Hill has an average rent of $1567
  •  Boeing in Everett employs 81,939 people total with an average rent near Lynnwood or central Everett between $988 and  $1217 – Renton has an average rent of $1275.
  •  Alaska Air Group employs 6139 people in Washington state –  SeaTac has an average rent of $933
  •  Expedia has an average of 4500 employees in Washington state –  The Queen Anne Hill neighborhood has an average rent of $1620 This is set to increase by 3,000    employees by 2018
  •  Starbucks employees of 11,239 people in Washington state. This has an average rent in the  Seattle and Pioneer Square area of $2035

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