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The 98105 Seattle Zip Code is Country’s Hottest

Homes in 98105 usually sell within 21 days, which is 15 days faster than King County’s average and 9 days faster than the Seattle Metro average. The median price is $1,015,898, which is 243 percent higher than the Greater Seattle median price.

The one local zip code to show up in their Top 50 was 98105, which encompasses University District, Laurelhurst, Bryant, Windermere, and the eastern half of Wallingford.

The zip code actually makes for a rather healthy mix of markets, which probably is the reason it ranks to highly. You’ve got high-end luxury neighborhoods (Laurelhurst, Windermere) mixed with strong single-family home neighborhoods (Wallingford, Bryant) and a solid base of millennials (U District). says millennials make up 24 percent of homeowners in 98105 and that 24 percent of those millennial households make over six figures.

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