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Seattle’s 5 Hottest Neighborhoods for 2017


As 2016 comes to a close and we look towards 2017, there are some big changes on the Seattle skyline and throughout Seattle neighborhoods. Just this year alone there were over 65 major buildings under construction across the downtown Metro area including South Lake Union and Pioneer Square. Many Seattle neighborhoods have been greatly affected by this growth and according to a recent article by curbed Seattle, these are the five hottest neighborhoods everybody should be watching closely as we enter 2017.

Denny Triangle.

The Denny Triangle stretches south of Denny Way to Interstate 5, 2 Union St. and along the 6th Avenue. This area is seeing a unique influx of construction especially with the new Amazon project boosting three gigantic spheres as well as office towers. There will also be a 425 unit apartment building and the 355 unit apartment tower incorporating one of the region’s largest hotels and massive data centers. This will dramatically change Seattle skyline.

First Hill

Just a little farther south than Capitol Hill on I-5’s Eastside, First Hill will also see its own changes with a slew of new projects. The condominium empire Luma has already been attracting condominium buyers back to this neighborhood and there will be several mixed-use projects in the works for 2017 and 2018.

Pioneer Square

Once known as the underbelly of Seattle, Pioneer Square is getting a complete makeover. There’s so much preservation happening for downtown’s oldest neighborhoods the Pioneer Square is ripe for renovation. There will be new buildings, mixed-use projects as well as a hotel hotspot with a variety of existing projects currently in the works. There’s also talk of an ‘Upstream Music Festival’ coming soon.

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This seemingly unknown community is located north of Seattle, on the east side of I-5 between NE. Ravenna Blvd. and Lake City Way. Our new light rail station is expected open in 2021 in the Roosevelt area but many developers are already setting their sights on this neighborhood. With a lot of construction in this North Seattle community, the potential for an up-and-coming broom is paramount. The demographic is targeting young professionals that like smaller spaces with easy access to nightlife, restaurants, and transportation.


Which stands for “south of Downtown” SODO could be one of the hottest neighborhoods in the area. There is so much happening in this South Seattle community that may be, a crowded locale quite rapidly. This could be the location of the new Seattle Arena privately built by Chris Hansen, who already owns much of the SODO area already. Were excited to see where this part of Seattle is headed in the next five years.