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Seattle Has Doubled it’s Tech Companies in the Last 3 Years

According to GeekWire, there have been more than 100 out of town tech companies set up in the Seattle region recently, doubling that number over the last three years.Seattle Has Doubled it's Tech Companies in the Last 3 YearsRead More: Baidu opens Bellevue Office

Other tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook lead the way followed closely by global companies like Alibaba and Tencent all the way to fast-moving start-ups such as Uber and Airbnb.

But Google seemed to start it all over 12 years ago when it tagged the Puget Sound region as a hotpot of tech talent. They too have offices in Kirkland, Seattle, Fremont and soon in Amazon’s South Lake Union backyard with their newest campus.

Facebook first came to Seattle in 2010 with a small office near Pike Place but as of today boasts a large office building with room for over 2,000 and is currently leasing two other local office projects.

All of this adds competition, transforming the Seattle tech landscape as we go. This offers a more vibrant tech ecosystem that bridges the gap between the giants and the start-ups. The environment is ripe for all types of tech industries and the talent is definitely there. More and more tech companies, both large and small, are finding their way both in the Seattle metro area and on Bellevue’s Eastside.

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With more space to expand east of Lake Washington, we can assume that many tech companies will branch out to Bellevue, Kirkland and even Redmond and beyond. The sky’s the limit so long as our housing remains balanced with our income.

For more details on tech companies expanding, new offices and of course, real estate in Seattle and on the Eastside, contact me at any time or continue to check the blog for news and updates.

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