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Regardless of Talks, Seattle is a Hot Real Estate Market

According to the S&P Case-Schiller 20 City Index, Seattle home prices rose faster than the national average in August 2015. The Seattle average increase .7% compared to the national average of just .1% across 20 major cities in the US and .4% nationally. The major Puget Sound counties of King, Snohomish, and Pierce all experienced larger increases than all but three cities on the list. Regardless of Talks, Seattle is a Hot Real Estate Market


There been talk that the Puget Sound area could be coming into a slowdown in home sales but demand continues across the Seattle and Eastside area. A steady demand and the decline in available homes continues to drive up prices. Seattle-area homes are priced 7.6% higher for the year compared to 5.1% across the major cities in the index. This is a significant increase as larger markets such as San Francisco are up nearly 11%. This could help many of the migration of tech workers from the bay area as new companies develop and establish companies expand or relocate to the Seattle area. Many cloud-based companies or tech companies are finding that our prices in Seattle and either relocating their offices or expanding to a Seattle-based outpost. Companies such as will be opening a newer and bigger office in Bellevue even though they’ve had an outpost in Seattle for five years. This could draw other Bay Area tech-based companies into the Seattle market, which not only increases our productivity and talent margin but draws more home buyers and renters into the area.

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