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Kirkland Washington Named #5 by Money Magazine as the Best Place to Live

Every year Money Magazine comes out with a new list of Best Places to Live in America alternating between small towns and small cities. This year the list is of America’s best small cities to live in. To qualify as a small city on the Money Magazine list the population of a city needed to be between 50,000 and 300,000. To no surprise Kirkland is number five on the list.

Money started with a collection of 781 cities in the United States which met the population criteria. The magazine combed many sources including Onboard Informatics to gain more knowledge about these cities .There were 50 categories researched in all, but Money Magazine didn’t stop there, Money Magazine put forth an extra effort and sent out its own reporters to the top 35 cities to get a sense for community and other intangible factors you can’t get from a statistical study.

From the beginning 781 Money narrowed down the field to 537 and then down to 100. Once Money arrived at the top 100 cities they narrowed the field further using 45 factors broken down into 8 main categories with the most weight put on the first four categories.
Kirkland Washington Named #5 by Money Magazine as the Best Place to Live
Those categories are:

Economic Opportunity and Jobs
Housing Affordability
Arts and Leisure
Ease of Living
These categories take the list from 100 down to 50 and from 50 down to 35 by limiting to three cities per state and one per county. When Money arrived at 35 they sent out the reporters to determine a Top 10. After going through all of these factors and visiting cities in person Money has confirmed what we already know; Kirkland is one of the top ten places to live in America. Kirkland came in at number 5 for obvious reasons.

Here are Kirkland’s Stats from the Money Magazine Poll

Population 84,786
Census Region West
Median Family Income $110,194
Median Home Price $442,925
Average Property Taxes $4,655
Projected Job Growth 4.5%
Kirkland is an Eastside Suburb of Seattle along the north east shore of Lake Washington. Many of the Eastside suburbs run together into a mix of family-friendly neighborhoods with good schools and job opportunity. What sets Kirkland apart is that all of those great attributes can be found inside Kirkland city limits.

The Seattle skyline can be seen from Kirkland’s Lake Washington shore of which 25% is parks. Though Seattle is nearby residents don’t need to leave Kirkland to find something to do. The downtown area is bustling with activity even on weeknights. Some homes in Kirkland enjoy a great walkable neighborhood with close proximity to downtown local shops, the farmer’s market, community pool, Marina Park and more.

Kirkland’s schools are some of the best in the area. The participation rate of extra-curricular programs is high and there are many great opportunities for kids to thrive in education here.

The job opportunity is abundant in Kirkland thanks in part to being the birthplace and former headquarters of Costco (ever wonder why Costco named its store brand Kirkland Signature?), as well as the headquarters for Google, and being within close proximity to Microsoft.

Residents of Kirkland love their home because it is bustling and lively yet holds a small town feel and charm with great beaches and beautiful scenery.

Are you interested in living in Kirkland, one of America’s Best Places to Live? Mary Pong can assist you in finding just the home you are looking for in Kirkland.