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How To Sell Your Bellevue House For Top Dollar This Spring

Unless you have had your head under a rock for the last couple of years, you probably know that it’s been a sellers’ market in Seattle recently and this is especially true in upscale neighborhoods such as the Bellevue real estate market. However, recent shifts in market trends mean that buyers are regaining negotiating and purchasing power. That doesn’t, however mean that you can’t realize substantial profits and gains when you sell your Bellevue property. It simply means that it’s more important than ever to have an effective marketing strategy and a strong negotiating advocate.

Hire The Best Bellevue Real Estate Broker

You can’t expect to earn top dollar for your Bellevue property in this market without the guidance and successful marketing strategies an experience broker. There are many ways of potentially leaving money on the table when selling your home…one of them is hiring an inexperienced, mediocre or a “discount” broker who lacks the ability or effort to create maximum market appeal for your property. Many agents could sell your property, however only a small percentage are capable of securing full market value for it.

Check Your Emotions At The Door

Whether you have been living in your house for a brief time or for many years, most owners will have emotional attachment to their home in varying degrees. However, a knowledgeable agent will advise you to remove your emotional attachments from the selling and marketing process. The market will simply not overpay for emotional attachment, or for renovations that are too taste specific. The market is only interested in paying fair market value for your property.

Renovations: Your experienced broker may advise that there are some important renovations or updates that need to be made prior to listing for your property to offer increased marketing appeal. It’s important that you heed their advice, if you want your home to stand out from the competition.

Short on cash? Ask me how Compass Concierge Program can help you accomplish those needed renovations to maximize the marketing appeal and sales price of your home.

Price: Nowhere is the emotional roller-coaster of the sales process more evident than in choosing the list price of your home. Obtaining and then trusting an accurate CMA (comparative market analysis) is crucial to your sales success. Of course, a competent agent will not under price your property, however many homeowners don’t realize that an even costlier mistake can be overpricing it. The reason why is simple…overpriced homes won’t sell! Instead, they linger on the market requiring multiple price reductions, they will never attract multiple offer competitive bids and are often used by other agents as comparisons to help sell better priced homes nearby. As a listing gets older and stale, it will rarely result in getting the kind of price offers that it may have received when it was first listed…during that initial golden 30-day time period when buyers interest was the highest.

Negotiations: In recent years, inventory here has been limited and the demand was so high that buyers often made feeble attempts at negotiating terms and price. However, as the inventory is growing, the conditions are becoming more typical of a normal real estate market again. Sellers can expect to engage in negotiating issues that will arise such as home inspection results and repair requests. An experienced agent with negotiation skills will help you navigate through this process and attain the best possible price and terms. Some sellers make the mistake of allowing their emotions to become hurt or to take the buyers input or requests too personally. Obviously, this is a time to step back and keep your bigger picture goals in mind. Often these issues or requests are relatively small ticket items in the full scope of things. Avoiding the loss of a potential sale or being forced to relist with red flags on the property may be more harmful to your financial goals than successfully working through the negotiations process with a serious buyer or offer.

Help Spread The Word

One of the most important efforts in a successful sales outcome is the marketing abilities of your Bellevue real estate broker. I can ensure maximum market exposure not only in local and regional platforms, but also nationally and internationally. I will also use technology to leverage your success with effective social media ads. However, you should also take every opportunity to help spread the word that you are selling your property. Conversations with friends, family, and colleagues at work and on your social media pages never hurt either!

Thinking Of Selling Your Bellevue Property?

Selling a property is a significant lifestyle and financial change and not a decision that you make lightly. When selling your east sidehome, one of your primary goals is attaining the best possible price and terms. When you hire me to list, market and sell your property, I will put together a comprehensive, individual marketing strategy based on the unique qualities that make your Bellevue home so special. You will benefit from local, national and international marketing platforms, as well as social media ads, professional photography and impactful brochures. I’ll also negotiate the best possible contract terms and facilitate the whole process to make it both successful and enjoyable for you!