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How To Know When It’s Time To “Move Up” In Seattle

Have you been feeling cramped at home lately?

Could you use some more storage space?

Do you find yourself casually browsing through Seattle’s real estate listings and dreaming of a new, bigger abode?

It may just be time for you to graduate to the next level with a bigger home that you and your family can grow into comfortably. However, is making a move right now the best decision for you? The last thing you want to do is uproot your family, if it isn’t truly in your best interest. In order to help you decide, I’m revealing some telling signs that now really is a great time for you to “move up” in Seattle.

Your Family Is Growing

Whether you are expecting a new bundle of joy or have an aging parent moving in, you may be feeling as though the walls are closing in around you. In some cases, you may just feel cramped because you have too much stuff. However, if your family is genuinely growing and you don’t have enough bedrooms, bathrooms, and general space to accommodate the extra bodies, you need to start exploring your options.

You Love To Entertain

Are you a social butterfly? Do you experience pure joy at the fantasy of being able to welcome friends and family into your home for holidays, game nights, and dinner parties? Obviously, being a happy host or hostess requires having the space to make everyone comfortable in your home. While it may not be the most pressing reason to buy a bigger home, if entertaining is important to you and your happiness it is a very valid one.

You Need More Financial Security

Building your wealth and financial security should always be a priority. What many people tend to forget is that most typical consumers wealth often lies within their home equity. The larger and more valuable your property is, the more financial security you will have, and the sooner you may be able to retire. Of course, this is dependent on selecting properties that are most likely to appreciate in value.

You Want To Work From Home

If you have grown tired with the traditional 9-5 and are ready to build your own business or start working from home, you might find yourself in need of some new space. Whether it is for a workshop, home office, or space where you can meet with clients, you need to have a place where you can be productive and stay focused.

Need Help Finding A Bigger, Better Home In Seattle?

Let’s sit down and discuss your lifestyle choices and financial goals to decide what may be in the best interest of you and your family. If you decide that you are in fact ready to move to a larger home in Seattle, it will be my pleasure to assist in recommending desirable neighborhoods and locate a dream home that will enhance your lifestyle…a special place to make memories with your family and friends!