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How Parents Can Prep Their Homes for Sale Even With a Packed Schedule

Selling a home when you have kids and a busy schedule can be a real challenge. Your house needs to stay spotless for showings, and it also needs to be staged properly in order to make the best impression on potential buyers. Accomplishing all of this can be tricky for already-overwhelmed parents, but these tips can help to eliminate the stress and hassle of staging and selling your home.


Hire Professionals to Take Care of the Prep Work for You

If you are already juggling full-time jobs and parenting responsibilities, finding time to get your home show-ready can feel nearly impossible. Instead of stressing yourself out by trying to find more room in your schedule for cleaning and staging, why not hire professionals instead? You can start by researching housekeeping services, which can be quite different from typical maid services.

A housekeeper can help you with routine chores such as keeping up with cleaning, folding laundry and perhaps even a little yardwork. This type of professional can be a real lifesaver when you are trying to keep your home clean for open houses and last-minute showings. You can also ask your housekeeping service if they offer deep cleanings, so you don’t have to worry about taking the time to do so yourself.

If your yard needs some attention, think about hiring professionals to help you out there as well. Depending on the services you need, SFGate suggests weighing the benefits of hiring gardeners versus landscapers. Gardeners generally tend to all aspects of an already established lawn and garden, while landscapers can help with tasks related to design and upkeep. Finally, if you really want your home to stand out in photos with minimal effort, you should also look into staging services.


Hire a Sitter So You Can Take Care of DIY Cleaning & Staging

For budget-minded parents, hiring professionals for every cleaning and staging project may seem too frivolous. If you are one of these parents, but you’re still concerned about finding the time to prepare your home to sell, you can always budget for a sitter instead. If you don’t already have a reliable sitter for your children, you can research a responsible sitter through organizations and parent networking.

Having someone keep your kids entertained and occupied can really help you get through those cleaning and staging projects much faster, but you may also want to look into ways to get your kids completely out of the home while you clean. This applies to your pets as well. Look for a local pet sitter or boarding facility to watch your dog or cat for a few hours. If that’s not possible and your pet is overly anxious about the move, some CBD treats could help relieve their anxiety.

However you carve out more room in your busy schedule, spend that time on the most essential home staging projects. Decluttering and deep cleaning should be at the top of that list, and then you can begin adding small touches that will help your home appear more put together and appeal to potential buyers.


Hire a Listing Agent to Take Care of Staging & Marketing for You

Honestly, if you want to keep things simple when it comes to staging and preparing your home for the real estate market, you’d do well to get advice from an experienced real estate professional who has skills in staging and marketing your home, two very important factors in selling your property as quickly and for as much as possible.

Staging isn’t just about making your home look good. The goal of staging is to create an emotional marketing impact and bond with a potential buyer. A significant percentage of staging efforts on the market are relatively generic in quality and marketing impact and don’t really accomplish the goal. An experienced agent like Mary Pong can refer you to elite staging resources and also arrange for world-class photography, a service that she often pays for her clients.

Getting a home ready for showings and photos doesn’t have to be unattainable for busy parents. You just need to find support from the right professional to make preparing and managing your available property manageable with your busy schedule. Soon, the right buyer will come along, and you’ll be ready to complete your transition.

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