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How Many Employees Will Amazon Have in Washington?

For the first time, Amazon reveals the Washington state headcount of those working for the Internet Giant. In an exclusive interview with the Puget Sound Business Journal, Amazon employs 24,000 people in the state of Washington. With over 1,000,000 ft.² of leased space, this actually leaves Amazon enough room to more than double its existing headcount. The worldwide employee count is at 183,100 people up from 154,000 just at the end of 2014. Their global footprint continues to grow dramatically.

Amazon consistently hears that employees love to live and work in the vibrant community surrounding Seattle and the South Lake Union neighborhoods. The Business Journal has estimated that Amazons Seattle-based offices could hold as many as 71,000 employees by the year 2019.

These numbers only solidify the fact that Amazon is one of Washington state’s largest employers. The company first appeared on the list of largest employees back and just 2014 when PSBJ had estimated 24,700 employees based on the total square footage of the company’s campuses. Amazon placed as the state’s sixth largest employer behind Boeing, Lewis McChord Air Force Base and the University of Washington.

Most of Amazon’s employees do reside in the greater Seattle area but there are others that work outside the metro area. A local survey revealed that nearly 22,000 Amazon employees work within 25 miles of the downtown Metro area even though Amazon has stated that they have job opportunities beyond their Seattle headquarters. While some of these positions are from Bellevue to Tacoma, Arlington to Olympia, most of the over 6400 job openings at Amazon are based right in downtown Seattle.

Amazon has been noted as one of the fastest growing public companies with a revenue spike from $61 billion in 2012 to nearly $89 billion in 2014. This was the first time it has exceeded Microsoft’s revenue however the number one spot have gone to Cotsco Wholesale Corporation, with a reported $112.64 billion last year.

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