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Best Private Schools In Seattle

One of the most important goals of a parent, is empowering their children by making sure that they have an opportunity to receive the best possible education. Lucky for you, you live in Seattle where there is no shortage of high-quality public and private schools for you to choose from. However, if you believe that a private school is in your child’s best interest, then you should consider enrolling them in one of these.

Lakeside School

Voted the top private high school in Washington, Lakeside School is one that is rich in diversity, with a large portion of the academics focused on the different cultures found throughout the Pacific Northwest. With a very high graduation rate, most of the students go on to attend prestigious colleges. Safety is an important part of the school day at Lakeside School, which is why many parents have it at the top of their list of high schools.

What Students Are Saying About Lakeside School

“Lakeside is a school for the students. It is constantly making strides forward to provides its students with opportunities and the tools to be successful inside and outside of academics. Although there is a strong focus on a rigorous academic curriculum, becoming a global citizen is equally as valued. Lakeside creates a community of students who are compassionate, but also curious about learning and understanding the world around them. My experience at Lakeside so far has been nothing short of amazing.”

The Overlake School

As one of the best private schools in Washington, The Overlake School is known for its small class sizes and rigorous curriculum. Students in grades 5-12 receive extra attention from teachers due to an 8:1 student-teacher ratio. This helps prepare them for higher education at some of the most demanding universities, such as the University of Washington and the University of Southern California. Extra-curricular activities are a big part of The Overlake School, with many students participating in sports like lacrosse and soccer in addition to taking part in the school’s theater productions.

What Parents Are Saying About The Overlake School

“Our child has had an excellent experience at Overlake. The academic, athletic, social and extra-curricular opportunities are excellent. The campus is spectacular and the school community is very supportive. I feel that the school offers rigorous academics balanced by a nurturing environment that makes it safe to take risks. The class offerings are varied and interesting and are standards are high, but teachers are available and supportive. I feel very fortunate that we are part of such a wonderful school.”

The Bush School

A private school that houses all grade levels from K-12, The Bush School is appealing to those living in Seattle for many reasons. Small class sizes, a diverse student body, high graduation rates, a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, and a top-notch safety system in place are just a few of the reasons why parents choose The Bush School for their children. Having your child attend one school for their entire academic career gives them a chance to build strong relationships with their teachers and peers, leaving them with a solid foundation upon graduation.

What Parents Are Saying About The Bush School

“Bush is a progressive school that truly values the needs of individual students to find their passions and voices in a global community. Bush has a huge heart and sense of community that is welcoming to a diversity of families and students.”

The Northwest School

The Northwest School is a boarding school which teaches students in grades 6-12 from both an academic standpoint and a community standpoint. Students attending the school not only learn the traditional curriculum like STEM and Social Studies, they are also taught valuable life lessons that in turn allow them to become productive members of society. After graduation, 98 percent of students go on to attend well-known universities where they build upon the lessons learned at The Northwest School. A small student-teacher ratio of 9:1 allows students to receive the personal attention they deserve.

What Parents Are Saying About The Northwest School

“The Northwest School is a rare find. Idealism about the role and purpose of education is a distinguishing quality of the school. It is an intentional community that values individual contribution and intellectual courage. Kids are celebrated for who they are and encouraged to try new things. They are scholars, athletes, artists, explorers, and activists – one and all. This approach develops critical thinkers who know themselves from the inside out. The faculty is brilliant! Not only great teachers but they are also mentors and guides who care deeply about each and every child. We are grateful that both of our girls have had the opportunity to learn and grow in this magical learning environment with caring, compassionate faculty.”

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