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Amazon May Have Plans for a 5th Building in Downtown Seattle

Amazon paid $19.2 million for two adjacent properties in the Denny Triangle neighborhood with potential plans of building a fifth downtown high-rise tower. These two properties take up one-half block on the west side of seventh Avenue between Blanchard and Bell Street. This location is where Amazon’s first tower, known as either the Doppler or Amazon Tower I, was completed June, 2015 and is the corporate headquarters of The three tower campus that Amazon has developed in the Denny Triangle currently houses over 3800 employees.

This site was once proposed as a 31 story mixed-use high-rise but was canceled in 2012 after being put on hold for over four years. Now, Amazon has plans for a fifth building in the same area. Currently, the site is a vacant motel and the offices of Pronto, the city’s bicycle sharing program.

Although Amazon has not completely confirmed plans for the property, and only records don’t show any proposals yet, Amazon already has plans for a fourth building on a neighboring block and time will tell if a fifth is destined for this location.

The city zoning allows nonresidential towers up to 340 feet for this particular block. Currently, Amazon employs over 35,000 people in Washington state alone, not including seasonal workers. Most of these employees are in the Seattle area but the companies worldwide headcount tops over 300,000 people.

Amazon paid over $207 million for three full blocks for years ago in the same area. It is not surprising that Amazon has acquired this location as well. It is projected that Amazon will continue to expand their high-rise campus as plans for expanding their third tower in the area will begin this fall. Plans for a fourth block at 2200 seventh Avenue is already underway with a 24-story tower and eight-story building at this location. Currently, the nonprofit Mary’s Place, which houses homeless women and their families, will be moved across the street to the seventh Avenue hotel once construction is underway.

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By Álvaro Ibáñez from Madrid, Spain (Amazon España por dentro) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons