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7 ways to Turn Your Seattle Home into a Relaxing Oasis

Living in a big city like Seattle can sometimes prove to be stressful and tiring. Even if you live in one of the coolest neighborhoods, the hustle and bustle of the city can sometimes become hard to stand. When you reach the comfort of your home, however, you should be able to relax, take a breath and recharge your batteries. Therefore, we compiled a list of 7 home improvements that you can use to turn your Seattle home into a relaxing oasis. If you follow our advice, you’ll be able to restore peace and tranquillity to your beloved sanctuary in no time.

1. Let natural light in

The easiest way to bring more positive energy to your home is to let natural light come in. The more, the better. Not only does natural light create the impression of a bigger room, but it also makes it feel airier. Not to mention that sunlight has proven health benefits like reducing blood pressure and anxiety levels. So, the first step you can take in turning your home into a relaxing oasis is to keep curtains open during the day or even remove them from the windows. Also, you can change dark-colored and thick curtains with ones that are lighter and airier. Alternatively, you can install some blinds to filter the amount of light that enters the room so that it is bright enough but not blinding. You should be looking to create the perfect ambiance, not to go from one extreme to the other.

2. Use color to boost your mood

As you might know, colors can influence our state of mind and emotions and help us relax and be calmer. As a result, you can use colors to change the feel of your home by repainting the walls. It’s a simple and affordable improvement that can help you make your Seattle home feel more like a relaxing oasis. However, be aware of a common mistake people make when repainting: choosing colors based on trends or other people’s recommendations. What might be a calming and soothing hue for one person can be the exact opposite for another. So, it’s better to follow the advice of interior designers and choose colors depending on the feeling they give you. Use lighter tones if you want a calming effect and darker ones if you want to make a room feel cozier. Just avoid using white and cream, which have become too overrated.

A Seattle home that was turned into a relaxing oasis using colors to paint the walls.

A colorful home has the power to boost your mood.

3. Declutter your home

Most times, having a crowded house filled with useless stuff can make you feel uncomfortable. Not to mention that all the clutter you gather over the years can feel suffocating and stress you out. For this reason, the sooner you get rid of all the junk, the better you and your home will start feeling. Hence, let go of all the things that you have been holding on to for no reason. For example, broken toys you said you would fix, appliances that you never use, or clothes that don’t fit anymore. Then, take the objects that you still need but rarely and store them in more appropriate locations. The garage or the attic are good places for keeping Christmas ornaments or other such occasional items. After clearing all the clutter, we can guarantee that you will see your home with different eyes.

4. Keep your house clean and tidy

You will always be able to feel more relaxed in a home that is kept clean and tidy. In addition, creating a routine of good habits will bring more comfort to you and your home. For instance, try making the bed as soon as you get up. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, such a good habit will help you begin your day on the right foot and feel more energized. Also, if you are working from home, try not to spend the whole day in your pajamas. If you dress nicely throughout work hours, it will help you separate leisure time from work time. You will be able to stay focused during work and appreciate your free time more. In addition, pick up clothes that you left throughout the house and keep your home office organized. Small gestures can take you a long way.

Woman standing on a bed in a messy room.

A messy room is not just inaesthetic, but it also causes stress and frustration.

5. Create more storage space

Turning your Seattle home into a relaxing oasis also means giving it more space. Therefore, try to find the best solutions to maximize storage space in your home. Hanging cabinets and shelves over the sink, for example, can be used in the kitchen. You can also install pull-out vertical shelves in tight spaces that you might have between the walls and furniture. In the bedroom, you can use the room under the bed for storing different items. Also, you can add more shelves to your closets and hang organizers to the back of the doors. In the living room, you can maximize the space by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves in difficult-to-reach areas. In the end, you can even buy some minimalistic furniture that also has storage spaces. Ottomans, for example, are a popular choice these days.

6. Bring some nature inside

Plants can brighten a home and make it feel more harmonious. With their ability to purify the air, they can help you stay focused as well as relax after a long day. As a result, bringing a bit of nature into your home can make it feel more like a relaxing oasis. Not to mention that it can help you make your home more eco-friendly. Hence, place some potted plants on shelves or in corners that are hard to use otherwise. Or, place vases of freshly cut flowers on the furniture in the living room or the dining room and kitchen table. Moreover, you can place micro plants and herb planters on the windowsills. Taking care of them will help you take a break from your busy life and relax.

Various plants in a room.

Bringing some plants inside can help you turn your Seattle home into a relaxing oasis.

7. Fill your home with positive energy

Whether it’s a scented candle or a handmade decoration, having lovely things about the house will boost your mood. Also, you can showcase objects that bring back good memories and feelings. Photographs you took on vacations or with your family, trophies, or drawings made by your kids are great examples. Moreover, you can create a quiet corner in your home where you can do activities that you like. For instance, you can place a rocking chair or hammock near a window with a great view, where you can sit and read or relax.

Final thoughts

With the right decor and a few good habits, you can turn your Seattle home into a relaxing oasis where you can rest and feel at ease. And if you need some help to achieve this goal, you can check our article on this subject and find inspiring ideas.