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6 Reasons Why Everyone Wants To Move To Seattle

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to call Seattle home?

You might be surprised to learn that Seattle has become one of the most desirable and robust cities in the entire country! In fact, it has been receiving awards left and right trampling on its rainy “emerald city” reputation. For anyone that already lives here, it’s easy to come up with a million reasons why we would never want to live anywhere else. However, today I am sharing six of the most common reasons why many people want to move to Seattle.

  1. Sports, Sports, Sports
    If you consider yourself a sports fan, then you might as well pack your bags now because you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable city to call your own. Just make sure you know how to be loyal, because there is no such thing as a fair-weather fan in Seattle. From baseball to hockey, football and basketball there is something here for every kind of sports fan throughout the year. We have a plethora of both collegiate and professional teams, as well as world class stadiums for your entertainment enjoyment.
  2. A Mecca For Caffeine Lovers
    I’m sure that you already know that the world-famous Starbucks originated in Seattle. However, coffee connoisseurs are in heaven here, as there are coffee specialty shops virtually everywhere. Throughout the entire region, you will find a plethora of some of the most creative, eclectic, and flavorful coffee houses the world has to offer. So grab a book, call an old friend to catch up, or pack up your computer to get some work done and settle into one of the many coffee houses peppered throughout the city.
  3. Amazing Mountain Views
    One thing that many people fail to consider about the lifestyle here is that it allows you to have the best of both worlds. If you want to reduce your commute by living near the city, you can balance that lifestyle with a quick drive to one of the many parks close by or take a short drive to the many mountains, lakes, hiking trails and beaches throughout the Pacific Northwest. For example, Mount Rainier National Park is only an hour away from the busy life in the city, where you can experience some of the most dramatic scenery and hiking in the world.
  4. The Music Scene
    Forget Nashville and Atlanta, if you want to live in a hip city with a thriving music scene you have got to come here to Seattle. Although dictated by grunge in the early 90s, the music scene here has evolved tremendously to incorporate many different genres. On any given night, it is easy to find live music being featured somewhere throughout the city.
  5. The Job Market
    Unless you’re retired, you wouldn’t make sense to move to a new city that doesn’t offer strong potential for job opportunities. Luckily, our corner of the Pacific Northwest has one of the strongest job markets in the entire country. Particularly, in the tech industry which supplies many Millennials and young professionals with some of the highest paying jobs today. Boeing Company, the largest airplane manufacturer in the world, also offers tremendous job opportunities for a diverse range of occupations.
  6. The Real Estate Market
    Rounding out our list is the real estate market in Seattle. Obviously, you don’t want to pick up and move somewhere that shows signs of a weak economy or real estate market. Even if you plan on renting initially, most consumers want the opportunity to eventually realize the opportunity for owning their own home and realizing the financial gains of being a successful long-term investor.

Thinking Of Moving To Seattle?

I may be a bit biased, but I think everyone should be eager to move to Seattle.

However, I know moving to a new city can be challenging and stressful, so I can help ease that burden for you. When you hire me to be your Seattle real estate broker, I will find the properties that match your lifestyle choices and budget, negotiate the best price & terms, and then help make your move as seamless as possible.